We are a community of Gem Finders

Meta Degen Society is a collection of 9,999 carefully crafted meta minions who work behind the scenes in the Shillit ecosystem. Each minion has its own abilities and talents, they all unlock special features for the ever thriving community of Shillians.



Meta Degen Society is a carefully crafted collection of 9999 unique meta minions.

Holding one or more gives you special access to features inside the Shillit App ecosystem like exclusive staking APY, secret rooms, whitelist opportunities, time sensitive alerts, competitions, community giveaways and much more!

Reasons to hold

There are many advantages to holding
a Meta Degen Society NFT!


First of all, you will be part of the ever thriving Shillian Community.


All Meta Degens have a built-in mission on their core:
Keeping You Safe on your Cryptoverse journeys.


Here are some reasons to have one:

  • Hold 1 to get Tier 1 Access to the Shillit App Platform
  • Get access to SHILL token special staking APY on the Shillit App v2
  • Get into Secret Rooms and Underground Vaults
  • Hold to Get Whitelisted on the Next Drops
  • Holders get access to exclusive Events and Giveaway prizes
  • Get alerted with time sensible notifications for incredible opportunities
  • Watch the price of your Meta Degen Society rise with time
  • More to come!


WARNING: When navigating the Cryptoverse, always keep a Meta Degen by your side!

What is
Shillit APp

 fundamental analysis token vetting platform.

Shillit App provides a comprehensive analysis and overview of Token/NFT/Coins Pre-Sales and Private Sales. Projects are submitted everyday by the community and vetted by a talented team.

Register today and find how to spot potential gem projects and avoid unsustainable projects.



The first drop at a huge discount!


MDS Launch

Members will be able to mint a Meta Degen Society

Access to secret rooms.
Special support for Crypto related topics. 

PHASE 1 v2 Launch

NFT holders will have access to unique systems including staking of SHILL token


Marketing Plans

Keep the momentum and grow the community.


The Team

Who is the Team?

The Meta Degen Society team comes from the Shillit App platform and is fully doxxed.

We are a community of token investigators, who joined efforts to compile quality information on new crypto projects in order to help each other on investment decisions. We vet all types of projects but focus mainly on private/presales, for launching projects.

We do in-depth token research looking at a variety of factors like Team, Feasibility, Sustainability, Utility, Tokenomics, Contract, Scalability and more…

All this information is compiled into our platform, which can be accessed for free by registering on the platform.

With a successfully launched token,  a platform V1 ready, an amazing NFT collection, working on the platform V2, the Shillit Team is constantly working on improving and expanding its ecosystem.

Holding 1 or more of our NFT will grant you special access to premium features and hidden chat rooms!


Long story...

The gaming degens and defi degens of the new web gave birth to these minions of the cryptoverse, each with its own characteristics and charm.

There are four families: Furry, Creatures, Monsters and Dudes.

Dudes are everywhere, they are the closest genetic match to the players, they got their power by the symbiosis with the Furry. Later, expanding the Society, from the darkest places of the internet came the Monsters, little devils they are.

The delicate balance of the universe required for the Furry to show up first and spread the love, with their special powers on the Shillit ecosystem, sharing the space and their power with the Dudes.

With evolution, from a mix of curiosity, an increasing hype from the dudes and the power of the Furry, the Creatures popped up, odd and rare. Along with more dudes, that kept growing in numbers.

Finally, the Devils and Elfs made the voyage from the darkest place to us, with defi genetics in their bloodstream, they are masters at developing proposals for profitability and productivity, with unexplainable magic powers from technical analysis in the days where no graph was plotted. Somehow they brought even more Dudes with them.

Dudes are just as powerful as the other families, they overcast the other families with their numbers corresponding to the sum of the others.

All beloved minions create the Meta Degen Society, they empower our Shillian community, with special unlocking powers and abilities to allow the Shillian to reach their dreams and their Lambos.


Even if you don´t
hold a MDS yet
you can benefit
from being part
of our community!


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