Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Meta Degen Society

Meta Degen Society is a carefully crafted collection of 9999 unique meta minions who work behind the scenes in the Shillit ecosystem.

Each minion has its own abilities and talents, they all unlock special features for the ever-thriving community of Shillians. 

Holding one or more gives you special access to features inside the Shillit App ecosystem like exclusive staking APY, secret rooms, whitelist opportunities, time-sensitive alerts, competitions, community giveaways, and much more!

What is the utility of Meta Degen Society

Amazing reasons for you to get yours today!

  • Be part of a community of true gem finders
  • Get free access to the Shillit App
  • Exclusive Staking APY on ShillitApp v2
  • Get alerted on new projects in
  • Secret rooms and chats on the platform and on Discord
  • Time sensible alerts with unique opportunities
  • Whitelist spots for members only
  • Community giveaways and competitions

Meta Degen Society is an NFT that unlocks access to the Shillit App v2 website.

There are 3 levels of access with every NFT, you own, so if you have 3 NFTs then you will have full access to all the reserved pages in Shillit App v2.

What is the Golden Ticket

The Golden Ticket is a unique way to be the first put your hands on the Meta Degen Society collection by Shillit App.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get early access at half price to the most needed NFT in cryptoverse!

The Golden Ticket is like a pre-sale launch at a lower price, for a limited time only, and with a limited amount available. (1000 max. supply)

Why get the Golden Ticket?
- Get early access to the Meta Degen Society Collection
- Secure your Meta Degen Society NFT for half the price

What is Shillit App

Shillit App is a fundamental analysis platform.

Powered by a community of independent researchers, we are dedicated to doing unbiased vetting of new crypto tokens and coins.

Shillit App is a revolutionary way to find your next 100x gem.

We have a team of talented token vetters whose only job is to investigate the cryptospace in search of the next DeFi gems. We catalog and order hundreds of tokens coming from different blockchains.

We want you to make DeFi Investments Decisions easier, like never before.

How many layers where used

Meta Degen Society uses 190 layers creating a wild combination of results. In total there are 29 base characters. Each MDS is unique.

Is the collection on Opensea?


After the official launch date, you will be able to buy and sell your Meta Degen Society NFTs.

What is the Network used?

We have opted to use the Polygon (MATIC) network. This way we all pay super-cheap gas fees!

When is the official launch date?

The Golden Ticket was released on April 20, 2022. 

The Meta Degen Society official release date is on May 9, 2022.

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